Souvenir Stand

In addition to many great memories, my son and I have been collecting MLB player figures.  Generally, speaking these figures fall into three categories.

1.  McFarlane Figurines.  6-inch high very realistic looking representations of both current players and Cooperstown legends.  These have been coming out since 2002.


Giancarlo Stanton 2015

2.  Starting Line-Up.  These guys are 3-inch plastic players who generally resemble the actual player they are modeling.  Usually, the only accurate parts are the uniform, skin color and maybe facial hair.  Very popular in the late-90’s and early 2000’s.  Fun for kids because easy to carry around and play with a lot.


Cal Ripken, Jr. 1998

3.  Bobble Heads.  These items started appearing in the early 2000’s and have become the primary game give-away for most MLB teams.  These guys can range from accurate action figures to novelty items.


Chris Young 2012

Every week, Mac and I will be posting some of our favorites.  Mac will specialize in the McFarlane figurines and Starting Line-Ups, while I write about the Bobble Heads.


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