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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Seattle Mariners (Family, Backwards Caps and Memories of a Dome)

May 14, 2016

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What:  LAA of Anaheim at Seattle Mariners

When:  April 7, 2015

Box Score: Angels – Mariners

Who:  Amanda, Mac, Amanda’s Sister Anna, Her Husband Kevin, Their Kids Jolene and Cecilia, Amanda’s Parents Ross and Patty, and Me!

Why This Game Mattered:  We had all traveled to Seattle for the wedding of Amanda’s cousin.  Since we it was Opening Week for the season, we were able to add to our ballpark list.  The special bonus was that our family was able to join us for a great night at the ballpark.  We really enjoyed sharing this night with our family.  It made it even more fun and special.

Originally, writing this blog was to reflect on not just the games but the people we shared the game with that day.  This game truly matches that mission.  Safeco was great, game was fun, but the most important thing was being there with our family.

At the end of the day, our memories consist of who we were with and how we felt surrounded by the people we love.


Mac was excited to take his cousins to their first Major League game.  They enjoyed copious amounts of cotton candy, pizza, ice cream, new caps, a sweet M’s blanket and quality bonding time!  Definitely a night to remember during a great trip to the Emerald City.

Also, Mandy and I lived in Seattle back in the early 2000’s before returning to Tucson to start a family.  This trip was enjoyable to share with Mac a place we had lived before him.  Seattle was where we lived when we got engaged and married.


Then (2000) and Now (2015) Lincoln Park, Seattle

Beautiful Night for a Game


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Awesome Souvenirs, Ballpark Memory, Mac's McFarlanes

St. Louis Cardinals at Washington Nationals (Nationals Park) & The Racing Presidents

February 13, 2016

IMAG0184When:  April 17, 2014

Who:  Amanda, Mac and Me

Why:  A trip to Washington, D.C. was planned as a surprise for Mac during his Spring Break.  His love for history, presidents and baseball made this city perfect for him.  In addition to all sites of the city, we wanted to see one of his favorite baseball teams in action.  Mac has always been a Nationals fan but now they also had his second favorite player – Bryce Harper.  This was going to be a big deal.  In addition to Bryce, there was one other HUGE reason to see the Nationals play at home.  Racing Presidents.

Box Score: St. Louis Cardinals v. Washington Nationals April 17, 2014

First, the game.

The game itself was pretty non-descript.  Adam Wainwright threw a complete game shut-out for the Cardinals (who won 8-0).  Actually, it was a fairly boring game.  Again, it was a very cold night.  Having learned our lesson at the Orioles game the previous day, we brought blankets and warmer clothes.  this went much better!


Even bundled up, cold got to us by the end of the game!


The stadium was also really nice.  Not quite like Target Field, but very similar.


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Awesome Souvenirs, Ballpark Memory, Mac's McFarlanes

2015 All Star Game Part 4 – Fan Fest

September 22, 2015



Fan Fest, Saturday and Sunday (July 11-12)

Sure, attending the HR Derby and the ASG were the primary focus of the trip.  However, we were also eagerly anticipating the MLB Fan Fest being held at the Duke Energy Convention Center.  It is the greatest collection of memorabilia, souvenirs, cards and baseball activities located anywhere.  Let’s just say that Mac was ready for this part of the trip.  Our plan was to get up early on Sunday and spend the entire day there.  However, Saturday morning, Mac asked if we could go on Saturday as well.

Absolutely.  What is better than a day at Fan Fest?  Two days!

After running a 5K and walking two additional miles, we were ready to head over to Fan Fest.  The event was held at the Duke Energy Convention Center which was about a 15 minute walk from the house.  We ended up spending the entire Saturday afternoon there, then we got up the next morning and went back for a few more hours.  The following summary combines both days so these are not necessarily in chronological order.

Here we are at the main entrance which featured a large image of Paul Goldschmidt above the door.



Priority Number 1

Ever since Mac learned about this trip to Cincinnati, he has been focused on one specific souvenir.  An authentic Paul Goldschmidt National League jersey.  This is serious business.  Mac counts down the days every year until ASG uniforms and hats are unveiled.  This is a big deal in our household.  Upon entering the building, we went straight to the Majestic Jersey store.  It is a great set-up.  The jerseys are embroidered to-order on the spot.  On a slower day like this, Mac had his jersey in about 30 minutes.

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Bobble Head Collection, Mac's McFarlanes

You Never Forget Your First . . . Figurine

August 11, 2015



All collections have to start someplace.

Ours began on July 11, 2009 at Chase Field.  On the night before Mac’s fifth birthday party, we traveled up to Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks take on the Florida Marlins.  The promotion that night was a Chris Snyder bobble head.  Snyder was the catcher for the Dbacks and very much a personal favorite of Mac, so the giveaway was perfect for him.



But, wait, there is more.

As a birthday present, Mac’s grandparents gave him some spending money for the Team Shop.  It took him about four seconds to find exactly what he wanted.  A Brandon Webb Mcfarlane figurine.  Mac was enthralled with it immediately.  Little did we know that this purchase was our first step into the wormhole of authentic McFarlanes.  His passion for these guys has only grown over the years.  I have to admit though, they are really cool.


Love at first sight.

And the rest is history . . .


A portion of the collection . . .