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2016 Journey of MLB Games

May 1, 2016

This is an ongoing post which will chronicle the Major League Baseball games and events that we have attended during the 2016 season.

May 28

Diamondbacks v Padres (Just glad to be there)

Padre Ticket

It had been a long month for us to wait and see another game.  Mac and I were also very grateful just to be there since Mac had spent the beginning of the week in the ICU for a form of pneumonia.  This was our second baseball game of the week as we had celebrated getting out of the PICU by attending the last home game of the NCAA-bound UA Wildcats.  Tonight’s game was a success in that the Diamondbacks actually won with us in attendance and Paul Goldschmidt broke out of a slump with multiple hits and runs.  Plus, we saw Greinke pitch (again).  Final score was 8-7 but the Dbacks were originally up 8-1 prior to some 9th Inning rallying from the Padres.

Once the Dbacks jumped out to an early advantage, the evening segued into some other areas of interest for us.

Now this first topic is of utmost importance for any baseball game  . . .


In our prior post, Mac and I were very disappointed in not being able to have a Churro Dog.  Now, why would be disappointed?  This dessert, in its second year, is amazing.  To avoid any possible disappointment, we headed to the Churro Stand early on in the game.


Yes!  We were in luck.  As seen in the picture above, this is a chocolate glazed donut hugging a churro that is topped with frozen yogurt, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce.  And, yes, it is even better than it sounds.  We don’t get one every game, but we sure love it when we do.

When choosing our dessert at the game there are pretty much three choices, but we now rotate only between two items.  Originally, our rotation consisted of the Churro Dog, Cold Stone Creamery and TCBY Yogurt.  The yogurt comes in the plastic batting helmet. Last season, we would go through this order for the season.  However, Chase Field has switched frozen yogurt vendors replacing TCBY with something called ZoYo.  Not a good change as far as we are concerned.  So now we alternate between Cold Stone and the Dog.


A Young Speilberg

Since the game was uneventful, Mac decided to start videoing some of the action.  For that game action, check out Jake Lamb’s run scoring single.

One of the cool aspects of a retractable dome is the actual retracting part.  We were fortunate to watch it open at the beginning of the game since the night was so nice.

More importantly, Mac discovered the Slow Motion feature.  I present to you the Swayze . . .

Giveaway of the Night

It was the very popular Arizona Diamondback Pool Bag.  Very nice gift for the beginning of summer and the swim season.


Wil Myers

One of our family’s running jokes is that Amanda has to point out to us that Wil Myers is playing in a game.  This goes back to our visit to Camden Yards where both me and Mac had no idea Wil was playing until the 7th inning.  So, we were very excited to missing player batting Second in this game.

Who’s that in the on-deck circle? Who? I don’t know.


Selfie of the Game


One last picture from our UA game earlier in the week . . .

We were so happy to be out of the hospital.  I think it shows!


April 30

Diamondbacks v Rockies (Here we go again . . . )

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Bobble Head Collection, Quick Pitch

Quick Pitch: Show and Tell (Chris Snyder goes to Kindergarten)

February 12, 2016

In an another post,

You Never Forget Your First . . . Figurine

I talked about Mac getting his first bobble head.  It was a Chris Snyder “catcher in action” figure.  Needless to say, Mac was engrossed by it.  He studied it, played with it and analyzed it quite a bit.  There wasn’t a detail on it that Mac didn’t commit to memory.


So, when it came time for the school year to start, Mac needed an item for Show and Tell.  This was not a difficult choice for him.  It was time for Chris Snyder to go to Kindergarten.


It was important for Mac to explain the nuances of the figure.




Here is Mac breaking down the bobble in even more detail for his classmates.


Not another picture, Dad!


Awesome Souvenirs, Ballpark Memory, Bobble Head Collection

Oakland A’s at Texas Rangers & the Baseball President (The Ballpark at Arlington)

January 28, 2016

232323232fp93232_uqcshlukaxroqdfv_83_=ot_23__=673=623=XROQDF_275447;;_4244ot1lsiWhen:  June 19, 2013

Box Score: Athletics v. Rangers June 19, 2013

Who:  Amanda, Mac and Me

Our Trip:  We were traveling out to San Antonio to pick up my dad’s car.  So we decided to fly into Dallas for two important reasons.  First, a Rangers game.  Second, a visit to the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  Mac is not only a baseball fan, but also has a significant interest in US Presidents.

Near the top of his “favorites” list – W.  Why?  Because he used to own the Texas Rangers and threw out a pitch during the World Series won by the Diamondbacks (See video below).



George W. Bush Presidential Museum, Southern Methodist University



Located on the campus of Southern Methodist University, the museum is really cool.  Regardless of your political persuasion or opinion of W, the museum is an amazing experience.  You don’t have to be a supporter of W to enjoy the historical elements of the museum.  Whatever your opinion, touring the museum will not change your viewpoint of his presidency.  However, you will see and experience key moments in history.




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Awesome Souvenirs, Ballpark Memory, Bobble Head Collection

Pittsburgh Pirates at Houston Astros (Minute Maid Park)

August 21, 2015



When:  July 27, 2012

Box Score:  Pirates – Astros July 27, 2012

Who:  Mac, Gramps, Grams and Me

Why This Game?

This was all about extending a family tradition.  As I wrote previously, going to a game with my dad was a big deal for me as a kid.  Now that my son was getting older, I wanted to share that experience with the three of us.  My dad (Gramps) and his wife (Grams) lived in San Antonio so I thought we could meet in Houston for a game.  Something in my head was telling me that this was a good time to do the trip.  Little did I know at the time, that this trip would turn out to be our last chance to go to a game together.

The Trip

This was going to be a quick journey.  Mac and I would fly in to Houston on Friday afternoon and meet Gramps and Grams at hotel in downtown.  Game would be Saturday night with us leaving later Sunday afternoon.  While the game was randomly chosen, we ended up choosing wisely.  First, we would have the chance to meet up with a friend at the ballpark and watch batting practice.  Second, it was a bobble head day.  Third, one of Mac’s favorite players had recently joined the Astros from the Diamondbacks. Finally, it was also Faith & Family Night featuring a post-game concert by one of our favorite bands, Mercy Me.  Yep, not a bad game.

Batting Practice & Meeting a Baseball Hero

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Bobble Head Collection, Mac's McFarlanes

You Never Forget Your First . . . Figurine

August 11, 2015



All collections have to start someplace.

Ours began on July 11, 2009 at Chase Field.  On the night before Mac’s fifth birthday party, we traveled up to Phoenix to see the Diamondbacks take on the Florida Marlins.  The promotion that night was a Chris Snyder bobble head.  Snyder was the catcher for the Dbacks and very much a personal favorite of Mac, so the giveaway was perfect for him.



But, wait, there is more.

As a birthday present, Mac’s grandparents gave him some spending money for the Team Shop.  It took him about four seconds to find exactly what he wanted.  A Brandon Webb Mcfarlane figurine.  Mac was enthralled with it immediately.  Little did we know that this purchase was our first step into the wormhole of authentic McFarlanes.  His passion for these guys has only grown over the years.  I have to admit though, they are really cool.


Love at first sight.

And the rest is history . . .


A portion of the collection . . .