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Twin Cities Trifecta – Minnesota Twins Stadium Hat Trick

July 10, 2016


The Minnesota Twins have had three homes during their Major League lifetime.  They began in the suburban city of Bloomington at Metropolitan Stadium.  Then came a move to downtown Minneapolis and the Metrodome.  Finally, they moved across downtown to Target Field. Last year, I completed the hat trick of visiting all three locations.  It has been an evolution of stadiums.  From the original multi-use outdoor suburban park to the indoor artificial turf stadium to a brand new “baseball only” outdoor stadium helping to revitalize the edges of downtown – it is a microcosm of how stadiums have developed.  Here is a synopsis of my visits.

Target Field August 15, 2014

This was not a planned trip to see a game.  We were flying up to the area in to bury my mom who had recently passed away.  She had been cremated and I was carrying her to the final resting spot in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  We arrived the day before in MSP and by chance there was a Twins game the night before the funeral.  Even though we had had a long day and a long night/weekend ahead, we felt we deserved the chance to enjoy something during a pretty challenging time.  Oh yeah, that afternoon we also found out that someone broke into our home back in Arizona.  What a day.  So we grabbed some tickets on Stub Hub and headed to Target Field. In summary, it is really nice.  Awesome location and just a good place to see a game.  We liked seeing the statues around the outside.

Target Field

Target Field

Most memorable moment

As I said earlier, I was carrying my mom’s ashes with me while we traveled.  In Phoenix, as we entered the Security line,  the TSA agent asked Amanda, Mac and me how many were in our traveling party.  So Mac told him – “Four.”  Gosh, we all burst out laughing because 1) It was true and 2) my mom would have thought it was hilarious.

Photographic Evidence of the Game


And We’ll See You Tomorrow! Kirby Puckett Game 6 1991 World Series


The family and Mac’s new Twins BP cap.

Metrodome August 11, 2009

Twins 2009

Amanda, Mac and I ventured to the Metrodome (in its last season) in a quest to see one of Mac’s favorite players – Joe Mauer.  This was a great year to see Joe.  He was at the peak of an MVP year.  While I am glad the Twins have since moved, it was interesting to see such a unique facility.  They did all they could to make it seem like a baseball environment. The walkways were so narrow that they had to put the food and concession stands outside.  It was like watching a game at a shopping mall.

More Photographic Evidence of Our Games


The best of the best. Kirby and the titles.

Most Memorable Moment of the Game

Joe. Mauer.


Joe Mauer batting in the midst of his amazing MVP season.

Most Memorable Moment in Metrodome History

Family Time


Outside of the Metrodome because there wasn’t a spot big enough inside for us to stand next to each other for a picture.


On of my favorite pictures of Amanda


Metropolitan Stadium September 28, 1979

Twins 1979

When I was a kid, I belonged to a program called KinShip.  It was similar to Big Brother, Big Sister.  My adult was Roger, a grad student and RA at UW-Eau Claire.  A couple of times a month, Roger and I would do something together.  For a 10 year-old, this was really fun.  At the end of the 1979 baseball season, KinShip took a group of us to Bloomington to see the Twins and Brewers.

Why was I excited to go to the game?

First, Sixto Lezcano.  I had a baseball glove and the “signature” in the mitt was Sixto’s.  So I was thrilled to see him.


I miss when players used to wear full jackets under their jersey.

The other reason?  The one and only “Stormin'” Gorman Thomas.  Seriously, he was the real deal in 1979.  He led the league in home runs with 45 dingers.  In fact, we saw number 45.  Plus, every baseball movie since then has at least one player in it who looks just like Gorman.    Strong flow, big Fu Manchu, ungodly amount of chew in his cheek.  He was the now stereotypical veteran slugger.


One bad man.


Then and Now

Aerial View, Metropolitan Stadium Bloomington

Aerial View, Metropolitan Stadium Bloomington


Now – home to one of the 8 Wonders of the World.


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