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Tampa Rays at Baltimore Orioles (Oriole Park at Camden Yards)

February 1, 2016



When:  April 16, 2014

Box Score: Tampa Rays at Baltimore Orioles April 14, 2014

What:  A quick trip to Baltimore for a matinee game during our visit to Washington, D.C.

Who:  Amanda, Mac and me.


Why:  This game was a bit different from our usual ballpark visits.  We decided just to jump over to Baltimore for a game without any advance planning.  Our plan was to get there near game time and find tickets from a seller around the stadium.  Note: this day was not warm!  The anticipated high was 35 degrees.  Good thing this would be a day game.


Since the April 15 game was rained out, this game was to be Jackie Robinson Day.  Being uniform geeks, we were excited to see our first game where everyone wore the Number 42.  Exciting!


Fun Part:

To get to the ball game from DC, we decided to take the train.  Not only was this mode of transportation different than our usual method of travel, but we had the pleasure of using two of the nicest train stations in the country.

From DC we caught the train at the legendary Union Station.


All Aboard!

Next Stop:  Downtown Baltimore.





I had never been to Charm City before, so outside of the Orioles, my only familiarity with the area was this:


Forty five minutes later, the three of us were getting off at Baltimore’s Penn Station.  Also, a beautiful depot.


On to the Game

From the station, we hopped on another train to head to the park.  Once there, we were able to procure tickets from a fine gentleman hanging out in the street.  The weather was pretty cold so the guy promised our seats along the First Base line near Right Field would be in the sun.  He was not truthful.

Oriole Ticket

Outside the ballpark, the Orioles have the uniform numbers of various franchise legends displayed.  We found Number 8.


Awesome Souvenir of the Game:

First stop, as usual, the Team  Shop.  We were able to pick up these pretty sweet Oriole Batting Practice caps.  Big fans of the orange front panel.


Our first seats were located in the shade in Right Field.  Game temps were barely above freezing, so it was miserable.  As you can see, Mac and Amanda look very comfortable here.


Here is our view:


See that sunshine.  We did too.  It looked so warm.  After an inning, we moved to the Third Base Upper Deck.  We were not the only ones.  That side of the park was jammed full of people who moved to warmer regions.  Please also note the Right Fielder for the Rays that day was Wil Meyers.  Mac and I were so cold we didn’t notice the AL ROY was playing.

Plus our view from the new seats was spectacular.


Treat Time

When it is 32 degrees, what should you eat?  Helmet Sundaes are what you eat.


Tasty Local Ballpark Food:

Since we were in Baltimore, I had to try the Dungeness Crab Sandwich.  It was worth it!


More Wil Meyers.

While enjoying our ice cream during the 7th inning, we saw Wil’s name pop up on the Jumbo Tron.  We were like, “Really, Wil Meyers is playing today?” and “Is he pinch-hitting?”  Amanda wouldn’t let us live this oversight down. To this day, when we see him during a game, we all go “Hey it’s Wil Meyers!”


Hey it’s Wil Meyers!

Seventh Inning Stretch Tradition:  John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”


Selfies from a Train:  When your kid uses your phone.

IMAG0126 IMAG0127 IMAG0129




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